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2024 Attendee Testimonials 

Attending the Hydrogen and Ammonia Conference was an enlightening experience. The event featured in-depth project management, construction, EPC and economy sessions. The networking opportunities were invaluable, allowing me to connect with industry experts and gain fresh perspectives on the future of hydrogen and ammonia. I left the conference feeling inspired and better equipped to tackle the challenges in our field. I highly recommend this conference to anyone looking to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

Senior Professional Technical Leader

The event was well organized, informative, productive, and enjoyable. Look forward to attending again.

Senior Procurement Manager 

The first H2+NH3 engineering conference was a great success outlining the challenges, opportunities and solutions for establishing the nascent H2 industry. This engineering conference has great potential for serving the industry with best practices and accelerating the energy transition.

Director of Engineering
LS Power 

The conference was well planned, executed and had attention to detail exceeding expectations. I was impressed with the engagement of the organization and follow up.

VP Construction 

Attending the Hydrogen + Ammonia NA 2024 conference and exhibition was an incredibly insightful experience. The diverse range of speakers and exhibitors provided a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in hydrogen and ammonia technologies. I was particularly impressed by the focus on practical applications and the collaborative spirit among attendees. The networking opportunities were invaluable, allowing me to connect with key players in the industry and explore potential partnerships. I highly recommend this event to anyone interested in shaping the future of clean energy

Global Hydrogen Leader

Monarch Energy enjoyed the Hydrogen and Ammonia event. The event was well organized with great panelists and moderators. We enjoyed the discussions and established many new relationships through networking.

Head of Power Supply 
Monarch Energy 

The system set up to invite key contacts was outstanding and very productive, as a result we will get future business opportunities.

Business Development 
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